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Our courses are curated and well articulated to provide insight of astrology to beginners

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Our courses are known for preparing astrologers with accurate predictions 

About us

AstroPatshala is an education hub to learn astrology and its various branches with accurate predictions. It provides a platform for those who are curious to learn the basics and advance of astrology so they can help themselves to attain the purpose of their life.

VISION: To assist humanity to gain most of our life on earth via ascertaining future probable events and preparing ourself for the uncertain by teaching predictive astrology and using astrology as a tool to uplift mankind.

AstroPatshala - learn astrology with accurate predictions

A few things to know why we’re great

The success of our courses are the tools and communication style that enhances the interest of the student and also helps them in gaining the applicable knowledge.

Online Video Classes

Learning from far distances with e classes and post video to recapture or revise is the best technological gift

Interactive Classes

Our classes are interactive rather than speaker oriented lessons. interaction increases involvements 

Lots of charts

The best way to do a thing is practice, improvisation and then again practice. Thus we take lots of charts to read

Precise Knowledge

Astrology is a vast subject and people get confused when lot of information is provided. Precise knowledge is our key.

Charts of Students

We encourage students to bring up charts of their family and friends so they can easily see the impact of our teaching

Social Interactions

We encourage our students for social interactions with each other so the process of learning is better 


Our Courses articulated and crafted after years of research.

BNN – Bhrigu Nandi Nadi

Bhrigu Nandi Nadi, a branch of astrology, is an advance technique to read charts. Quick to grasp as our content is well articulated. Reading of more than 100 charts. Learn to predict with accuracy.


Past Life Karma

Reading Past Life through astrological Charts, Ascertaining Purpose of Life. different Yoga’s of Life. Reading debts of Past Life. Diseases, cures and solutions to overcome. 


Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology is study of the planets and their impacts on your body parts. Medical ailments and their time in your life. Solutions, Cure, precautions and Remedies for diseases.


Astro Vastu

Combination of astrology and Vastu-shastra, judging birth charts and Vastu simultaneously.  In Astro-Vastu analysis of many things can be checked from an individual’s horoscope.



Astrology is based on the basic law of karma, i.e. cause and effect. You reap what you sow. Learn lot many remedies to solve life problems. To be used with caution.


Swara Shahtra

Swara shastra, a divine science based on divya swara gyan techniques. Ascertain breathing pattern and find out the nadi and predict a lot many things about the questioning.



Numerology is about reading numbers that impact your life. Your name and birth date have a unique vibration that can explain your traits strengths, and life path or destiny.


Astro Numerology

Astro-numerology Is a combination of astrology and numerology. Study the relationship of numbers and planets. Increase accuracy of prediction.


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our students say:

The course is too good and I have started making prediction. Special Thanks to Kamlesh Madam for keeping it simple and pin pointed. Loved the way we look at charts now, pointing the impacts of planets on one life.

Shriya Shah Ahmedabad testimonial for
Shriya Shah


Very good articulated course. Pint point teaching that makes your prediction accurate and reliable. I had initially joined for Basic BNN course but now looking foreword for specialized courses. Highly recommended who love astrology”

Rajat Sharma


This is my third course with them and I am fully satisfied with the results. Nothing could have been better for astrology lover to study at Recommended Basic BNN & Remedy Course”

Shalini Agarwal Jaipur testimonial for
Shalini Agarwal


Astrology always attracted me but always had an apprehension of whether I will be able to learn it. Thanks to AstroPatshala for teaching me astrology in the right perspective. I have learnt to make predictions too. Kudos!!!!!!

Jaya Jorwal
Jaya Jorwal

New Delhi

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Our Team

Our Teachers are selected experts of best astrologers who love to share their knowledge, enhance the knowledge of the students and guide them to be good astrologer 

AstroPatshala - Learn astrology with accurate precisions

Mrs. Kamlesh Meena

Managing Director

AstroPatshala - Learn astrology with accurate precisions

Mrs. Anu Sharma

Associate Professor

AstroPatshala - Learn astrology with accurate precisions

Pt. Ramesh Tripathi


AstroPatshala - Learn astrology with accurate precition

Mr Anurag Gupta


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predictive astrology
Predictive Astrology derived from Bhrigu Nandi Nadi and other astrology techniques is easy to learn and helps in accurate prediction.
AstroPatshala - learn astrology with accurate predictions
Welcome to – An institute for learning astrology. We are providing online courses who want to learn astrology. Our […]

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