Our team of Mentors and associate professors organize webinars related to astrology from time to time. Our webinars cover information on how to learn, why its easy to learn. Our webinars also focus on how to attain life goals, how to be happy. We will organize some webinar for new courses and their benefit. Some webinars are free, while some are paid but at a very nominal fees.

Rajat Sharma

Webinar Why BNN?

Webinar on why to opt for BNN Astrology course. The webinar will be free it is held on Sunday before the start of every batch. Those who are interested in this free webinar can register here. The webinar will be for 1 hour.

Rajat Sharma

Webinar on Past Life Karma

A Webinar on How to solve your Past Life Karma, how to read Past life karma from your birth charts. An introduction to karmic Debts and how past is being reflected in your presence. A nominal Fee of Rs 920 will be required. Next Webinar will be in April month

Rajat Sharma

The secret of happiness

Learn Astrology to live a happy life. Learn to read chart and understand what future holds for you. Prepare for future events that are going to occur. Try to find a cure or at least reduce the damage it can occur. To Know where you can excel and what will be best for your life. Decisions that make your Life Better and thus, a happy Life. Duration 2 hours. Next Webinar in March end. A nominal Fees of Rs 1200 will be charged

Rajat Sharma

More Webinars Coming Soon!!

We will put up information on new webinars here