AstroPatshala - learn astrology with accurate predictions
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Welcome to – An institute for learning astrology. We are providing online courses who want to learn astrology. Our course is well articulated and concise. The course is prepared after years of research by experts. We help you to learn astrology quickly with ease, helping you to make accurate predictions.

Brief About Astropatshala

AstroPatshala – hub for learning astrology

AstroPatshala is an education hub to learn astrology with accurate predictions. It provides a platform for those who are curious to learn the basics and advance of astrology so they can help themselves to attain the purpose of their life. Pre-knowledge of astrology is not required.


To assist humanity to gain most of our life on earth via ascertaining future probable events and preparing ourselves for the uncertain by teaching predictive astrology and using astrology as a tool to uplift mankind


To prepare courses and content of astrology in such a manner that prediction can be precise and accurate. The methodology to impart education should be inclusive of new technology and upgrading the content in the form that is easily graspable by the students, thus helping most people learn astrology with ease.


To prepare courses and content in such a manner that students can grasp and understand quickly. The predictions can be precise and accurate. The content should be delivered on a pinpoint basis. The adoption of new technology such as webinars, online classes should be an essential part of the curriculum.

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Welcome to Astropatshala

We welcome you to Astropatshala with the following courses

  • BNN – Bhrigu Nandi Nadi
  • Astro Vastu
  • Numerology
  • Astro Numerology
  • Past Life Karma
  • Swar Shahtra
  • Remdies
  • Medical Astrology

Why Astropatshala ?

Why we welcome you to AstroPatshala? To impart quality astrology Astropatshala focuses on

QUALITY TEACHERS – We pride ourselves on giving you access to the best astrology teachers. Clear, easy to understand, and a wealth of inspiring astrology wisdom is just a click away. Know Your MENTORS

CURATED CURRICULUM – Our webinars and courses are curated by and for astrologers and astrology lovers. You’ll find specialized topics here for learning astrology that you won’t find anywhere else. Guide For BEGINNERS

LIVE WEBINARS AND COURSES – We offer a mix of live and pre-recorded webinars, online courses, and audio downloads to meet your distance education needs. Check Out Our WEBINARS


Learning is an ongoing process and one should evolve from our experiences. We too are in the continuous process of updating ourselves and thus the website. Please keep visiting us back for more updates on our courses, sessions, webinars, and more.

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