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Brief Introduction To Predictive Astrology

What does Predictive Astrology means

Astrology is an ancient subject. and India mythology is the base for Vedic Astrology. South India has an abundance of sculptures describing the various branches of astrology . There are different schools of thought in astrology like Parasari, Gemini, KP, Nadi, palmistry…..etc. each one has a different set of methodology. Nadi astrology is one of the oldest thoughts in them which is further divided into many branches. Whatever, method one uses, what matters, in the end, is predictions. The accuracy in predictions and the ease of computation to derive the predictions is the most important thing. Hence, the best astrology is predictive astrology

Predictive Astrology is derived from Bhrigu Nandi Nadi which is based on Karak tatwas of planets. Our team, after years of research and study, has articulated the content in such a way that prediction becomes easy as well as accurate. Simply, using certain rules and positions of planets in accordance with their signs and houses we can easily make predictions in minutes.


How to Learn Astrology?

Astrology is easy to learn. All you have to do is take out 1 hour every day for 8 weeks. Join our classes and learn from experts. They not only teach but also give you the best of the content. They act like mentors who ushers them to the path of enlightenment. So all you have to do is join our Classes

Still, if you have a doubt, you can register for our demo class.

Still, you have a doubt in your Mind! Kindly clear it by joining our demo. Demo class is absolutely FREE


Topics to be covered under the course

Houses, Sign and planets
Signs, Planets and their houses

Profession – scope, rise, fall, problems

Children – Number, Male or Female, Abortions

Education – Stream, Break in education

Wealth – Rich or poor, House and property , How Many Cars

Career – Opportunity, best career line

Job – Probability, Promotion, transfer, difficulties.

Business – Which business, loss in business, growth in business

Foreign – Income, Living, studying

Litigation – Court cases, Court case types, Jail Yog

Marriages – Love, Arrange, Married, Divorce

Life – Struggle in life, Bhagya Uday Time

Dosh – Nazar Dosh, Kiya karay dosh, pitra do

Health – Health issues, diseases, ailments.

Learn to predict on above topics with ease and accuracy in just 8 weeks.

Still, you have a doubt in your Mind! Kindly clear it by joining our demo. Demo class is absolutely FREE


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