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A detail about various courses so you can select the best courses to learn astrology.

Astrology courses are described along with syllabus, fees and requirements. 

Course Duration – 6 weeks


Level – Beginner

Bhrigu Nandi Nadi is a branch of astrology. The content is well articulated and concise thus helping students to grasp and learn quickly. The best way to learn astrology course online. Therefore, it leads to prediction in minutes, quick and accurate. Thus one of the best courses to learn astrology.

Learn to predict the following in minutes

Profession – scope, rise, fall, problems

Children – Number, Male or Female, Abortions

Education – Stream, Break in education

Wealth – Rich or poor, House and property , How Many Cars

Career – Opportunity, best career line

Job – Probability, Promotion, transfer, difficulties.

Business – Which business, loss in business, growth in business

Foreign – Income, Living, studying

Litigation – Court cases, Court case types, Jail Yog

Marriages – Love, Arrange, Married, Divorce

Life – Struggle in life, Bhagya Uday Time

Health – Health issues, diseases, ailments.

Dosh – Nazar Dosh, Kiya karay dosh, pitra dosh

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139 students satisfied till now and growing  

Bhrigu Nandi Nadi

Why BNN is useful?
  • Well articulated content
  • Precise Learning (short syllabus)
  • Accurate Predictions
  • No pre astrology knowledge required
  • Reading more than 120 charts
  • One Repeat Class allowed
₹ 25,000/-

Astro Vastu

Why Astro Vastu ?
  • New Course
  • Reading Vastu Dosh from Charts
  • Preliminary knowledge of Astrology
  • Reading about 40 charts
  • One Repeat Class allowed
₹ 7000/-

Course duration 2 weeks

Astro Vastu

Level Intermediary

Astro Vastu is a new concept in astrology and Vastu shastra. Astro Vastu is the combination of astrology and Vastu-shastra, judging birth charts and Vastu simultaneously at the individual level. It helps one in having own favorable personal space for overall success and growth of native. 

There is a deep connection between astrology and Vastu. Vastu talks about favorable directions and in astrology planets, houses and signs also have favorable directions and transits. In Astro-Vastu analysis of many things can be checked from an individual’s horoscope. Thus, one of the helpful courses to learn astrology.

Houses & Directions

Planets & DIrections

How to identify vastu dosh from kundli

Remedies to correct the vastu dosh

Identification of location of business

Planetary combination and purification of various places in the house

Metal Remedies

Advanced Remedies

Chart assessments of students


Batch starting 21 May 2023


38 Satisfied students

course duration 6 weeks


Level Beginner

It is an ancient metaphysical science, going back thousands of years. Numerology has branches and origins across multiple eras. Cultures and countries (which reinforces that there’s got to be something in it, shouldn’t it?). It is the study of the relationship that numbers and letters have with your personality and life events.

The oldest system on which all the calculations are based is Chaldean system (developed by the ancient Babylon)). There are many more systems are also prevailing.

Numerologists propose that every number has its own vibrations and contributes an influence on the world. Key personal information like your name and birth date have a unique vibration that can explain your traits strengths, and life path or destiny.

Introduction to Numerology

Birth Date and Your Name

Lifepath / Psychic Number

Personal Year Number

Hidden Lucky/ Angel Number 

Lucky Day / Color

Lo-shu Grid & Numeroscope

Arrow in Lo-shu Grid

Karmic/ Master Number

Your name numerology

Lucky Mobile / Phone number

Lucky car /bike/vehicle number

Home Numerology

Advanced Remedies for everything


Batch starting 14 May 2023


52 satisfied students 


Why Numerology is useful?
  • Number and their impacts
  • No Pre knowledge of Numerology is required
  • Chaldean System
  • Growth with Numerology
  • Numbers – house, vehicle, mobile etc
  • Predictions and Remedies
  • Reading about 100 charts
  • One Repeat Class allowed
₹ 18000/-

Swara Shashtra

Why Swara Shashtra?
  • Pre knowledge is not required
  • The Key to Correct Breathing
  • Based on divya swara gyan techniques.
  • Assisit in achieving success and happiness
  • No Repeat class allowed
₹ 5100/-

Course duration 1 week

Swara Shastra

Level Intermediary


Swara shastra is a divine science based on divya swara gyan techniques.

In this we focus on the breathing pattern and find out the nadi whether its ida or pingla. After knowing the breathing pattern of your own, you can predict a lot many things about the questioning. It also helps you to attain a greater knowledge of timings for the various activities to be performed. Hence one of the important courses to learn astrology which helps to increase your predictions.

The knowledge and application of this secret science of breathing is an insurance against failure, disappointment, diseases and misery and a guarantee of success and happiness. Its application gives practical and tangible results.

Concept of Swara Shashtra

The key to correct breathing

Ida, Pingala and Sushma

Ways to find out which Nadi is playing

Laws of Ida and Pingala

Utility of Swara Shashtra

Actions to be taken in various Nadi

Detection of impending calamities 

How to avoid them

How to induce the Nadi’s

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course duration 1 week

Past Life Karma

Reading Past Life through astrological Charts, Ascertaining Purpose of Life. different Yoga’s of Life. Reading debts of Past Life. Diseases, cures and solutions to overcome. 

An interesting aspect of life is covered under this course. Thus, one of the important courses to learn astrology.

Level Intermediary

Principles of Past Life

Find your debt from past-life with the help of horoscope

Different Yogas related to past-life

Your debts related to past Life

Disease related to Past Life Karmas

Remedies to come out from problems related to past life karmas


New batch 21 May 2023


26 satisfied students

Past Life Karma

Why Past Life Karma ?
  • Preliminary knowledge is required
  • Past Life – Debts and carry forwards
  • Past Life from charts
  • Remedies to come out
  • 30 plus Charts
  • One Repeat Classes allowed
₹ 11000


Why Remedies with caution?
  • Preliminary knowledge required
  • Astrological Remedies antidotes
  • Effective with Caution
  • Pros and Cons of remedies
  • One repeat class allowed
₹ 6300

Course duration 1 week


Level Intermediary

Astrological remedies are antidotes which nullify the negative impact of planets or any other element in your life. They can also be taken to amplify the positive impact of planets.

Astrological remedies will not fully take away the pain from your life instead, it will provide ease and relief from its impact.

Remember Remedies are need to be used with cautions as they can bring impact in one life, good or bad. Astrology is based on the basic law of karma, i.e. cause and effect. You reap what you sow. Remedies can be undertaken with caution as everything in the world comes with pros and cons. Hence, this course is very important among all courses to learn astrology.

Remedies related to planets

Remedies for various problems of life such as children, money, relationship, stress, marriage etc 

Colour remedies

Aroma oil remedies

Crystal remedies

Chakra healing remedies

and many more….


Batch starting 03 May 2023


More than 95 students and counting

course duration 1 week

Medical Astrology

Level Beginner

Medical astrology is an ancient applied branch of astrology based mostly on the association of various parts of the body, diseases, and drugs with the nature of the sun, moon, planets, and the astrological signs.

Study of the planets and their impacts on your body parts. Medical ailments and their time in your life. Solutions, Cure, precautions and Remedies for diseases. Therefore, one of the insightful courses to learn astrology

Medical Astrology Course Revised Content will be updated soon


New batch coming 11 May 2023


More than 79 students and growing

Medical Astrology

Why Medical Astrology?
  • Preliminary knowledge not required
  • Foresee the disease and prepare
  • Medical ailments in charts
  • Solutions and Precautions
  • 40 charts of students
  • One repeat class allowed
₹ 5100

Astro Numerology

Why Astro Numerology?
  • Combination of Astrology & Numerology
  • Compact Course
  • Ascertaining Purpose of Life
  • Increases accuracy of prediction
  • Helps in developing personal progress
  • 50 plus charts
  • One repeat class allowed
₹ 11000

Course duration 2 weeks

Astro Numerology

Level intermediary

Astro-numerology as the name suggest, Is a combination of astrology and numerology. Hence, helpful course among all courses to learn astrology

In astrology, natal chart gives a snapshot of one’s karma up to this time. It symbolizes your capabilities, weaknesses motives and life’s purpose. It enables a person to comprehend what they must accomplish in order to achieve their full potential in life. It sheds light on our genuine identities, as well as the soul’s role in one’s own personal progress.

In numerology, we have five core numbers- the birthday, life path, expressions, personality and soul urge. These numbers convey a great deal about one’s goals, desires, life missions, skills, inclinations and motivation. You will feel more fulfilled if you make critical life decisions based on these numbers. 

Revised Updated Course coming soon!


Batch Starting in May


30 Students and Counting

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