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Astrology is a cultural art and a psychological phenomenon that is not  scientific and goes beyond newspaper-style horoscopes to provide a powerful vocabulary for understanding not only personality and temperament, but also  challenges and opportunities. To the extent that one simply learns this vocabulary, it may be appealing as a rich way of representing (not explaining or predicting) human experiences and life events, and identifying some possible paths of coping.

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Astrology is a science and the ancient knowledge repository is the key to that science. Understanding that huge volume of information and deriving of predictions from that information is a meticulous task. Thus, Astrology is a vast subject that needs an ongoing study with sincerity and dedication to grasp a hold on it.

Astrology is a guide for each of us to gain most of our life on earth. It helps in predicting the path of life ahead. Destiny is bound to happen but you can reduce its impact or delay it or just get well prepared in advance. Knowing in advance what the future has in store for you always keeps you one step ahead in life. It enables us to predict what is in store for you, both good and bad so that we are prepared to face anything & by doing remedies we can increase or decrease the effects of planets & future events.

Life is a memorable adventure where we try to achieve our ambitions, goals related to family, health, finance, career, and love among others. The Planets and Karmas become the deciding factors for our sorrow or happiness. So, to study them, and to ascertain, what the future holds for you becomes crucial in managing and achieving our goals. Our life is full of sudden turns and pitstops, we want to avoid problems and maintain progress in life. Therefore, we need to decode the problems of life & Planets. Astrology is all about de-coding your life with the help of this precious study of planets.

We all are connected with planets & elements in our life. The earth is hooked by Sun (orbits around Sun) and we need iron intake, to make blood, which is sufficient to prove how interconnected we are with planets and elements. Just like gravity is working for us to keep you rooted to the earth. Every life in the universe is bound by nature and universal law. We are all part of the universe and we reflect the life of its component. Hence our life is predominantly governed by planets and their movements.

Henceforth, understanding astrology is significant to improving our life.

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AtroPatshala is an education hub to impart learning of astrology and its various branches. It provides a platform for those who are curious to learn the basics of astrology so they can help themselves to attain the purpose of their life. It also helps in developing the study of astrology by articulating the vast content in a manner that can be easily graspable and more helpful to humanity as such. The objective is to have the inner depths of the subject and use it in a manner to make the life of people easy and manageable via accurate predictions of life events.

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Astrologer, Numerologist, Astro -Vastu, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Transpersonal Regression Therapist